Redlands Chapter, California Society Sons of the American Revolution
High School Oration Contest


Oration Procedures


Each student entry must include:


1.  A written speech that is the original composition of the student.  It must be between five

and six minutes in length when presented.  The topic is an event, personality, or a document

pertaining to the Revolutionary War, and its relationship to America today.  The written

speech should be double spaced.


2.  A digital recording of the contestant presenting the speech, saved as an

.mpg, .mov, .m4v, or other easily opened video file.  The oration must be given from memory without the use of notes or any kind of props or costume.  The oration must be essentially the same as the written manuscript.  The video should show the contestant from the waist up, not just a head shot.


3.  Oration Contest Entry Form - NSSAR Form B, signed by the student, and optional signature if the contestant has an oratorical coach (NSSAR Form B, page 1), with biographical sketch (NSSAR Form B, page 2).


4.  Signed Oration Contest Entry Form for viewing of video recording.


5.  Photograph of contestant with their name on the back.  


The Chapter will judge the entries using the NSSAR Oration Contest judging sheet.  The winning chapter entries will be forwarded to California State Oration Contest.  

The deadline for this contest is Maech 1, 2018.
Oration packets have to be submitted to The Redlands SAR Chapter by this date.


Resource Material:

Students entering the Oration Contest should direct questions to, or submit their entries to the Redlands Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution Oration to:


Oration Contest Chairman:

Charles Kiel

Voice mail: 909-862-8237